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Sep 24, 2019
International Operations Specialist The International Operations Specialist is responsible for execution of all import and export related activities within the Tate & Lyle transportation group. This position reports to the International Trade Manager, and works closely with other areas in the Supply Chain function, including Warehousing, Customer Service, Finance and Procurement. This position will have a strong focus on coordinating North American Import and Export shipments. Responsibilities/Duties: Manage all import shipments to ensure that shipments are cleared and delivered on time Assist with street turning each import container Assist with obtaining all import documents to allow for prompt customs clearance Maintain 100% compliance to government regulations for export or international activities.  Interpret laws, rules, regulations and prepare applications for export control Manage execution across various departments through effective planning, prioritizing, communication and most importantly, follow-up. Manage the daily export schedules with each North American warehouse to ensure that shipments are scheduled and loaded as planned Assist in the planning and operations of all North American export bookings Assist in the export documentation process for all North American Export shipments Assist in resolving border crossing issues with appropriate brokers or distributors and implement process change as necessary Monitor HTS numbers and descriptions as needed to ensure proper product classifications.   Required Skills / Education / Experience: Bachelor’s degree preferred combination required Minimum of 5 years related experience or equivalent with International transportation Excellent interpersonal and communication skills Strong Analytical skills Logical thought process / problem solving skills Self-motivated and innovative Ability to interface with all disciplines of Tate & Lyle and customers SAP experience considered a strong plus Excellent communication skills both written and oral.  Has the ability to promote a free flow of information and communication throughout the organization (upward, downward and across).  Limited Travel < 5%
Tate & Lyle Decatur, IL, USA
Sep 20, 2019
ROLE PURPOSE   The Production Engineer is an integral part of the Manufacturing Group’s daily operations.  This role is multi-location with opportunities available at Tate & Lyle plants in Decatur, Illinois, Lafayette, Indiana, Loudon, Tennessee, Dayton, Ohio and McIntosh, Alabama .  An engineering career at Tate & Lyle may include an assignment at more than one location with the opportunity for international assignments.The Production Engineer role was designed as a developmental management training program. Engineers hired into these roles should have a strong desire to work in leadership roles and production management. Safety and Quality are the key focus at Tate & Lyle and will be emphasized in all training assignments.   PERFORMANCE MEASURES   Within the first 18 months, approximately 3 to 5 months will be spent training with operators, working shifts to learn the process.  Another 3 to 5 months will be spent on shift in a production supervisor role. There will also be a few months spent working with maintenance to learn the basics of mechanical, electrical and process controls.   Tate & Lyle has designed a hands-on training program to give new engineers an understanding of the overall process to make them effective engineers.  Over the course of the first three years, production engineers will typically spend 50% of the time working in the field. This time will be spent talking with operators, trouble shooting process issues, and checking project construction work.   The other 50% of the will be spent on projects, communications, computer work, new process development, management and supervisor skills development, equipment evaluations, and cost tracking. In addition to hands on training we offer supervisory training, decision making and problem solving KT training and other technical training.    During the course of the first three years, production engineers will receive a strong foundation of hands- on experiences and technical assignments which will prepare them for future responsibilities as process engineer, area manager, senior process engineer, operations manager and plant manager with the potential for similar opportunities internationally.   MAIN ACCOUNTABILITIES   Conducts and/or participates in engineering projects. Obtains, organizes and interprets engineering data. Supports operational goals in the areas of safety, compliance, quality, production, cost and capital projects.  Monitors day-to day production results. Considers economic as well as technical aspects of each project. Translates process to flow sheet representation under guidance. Assists in preparing engineering proposals, developing findings, draws conclusions, makes recommendations and prepares reports. Contributes to the design of engineering projects, ideas for safer, less expensive or new techniques whether or not situation is related to a specific project. Is responsible for meeting engineering assignments within time, budget and constraints agreed upon in advance. Applies standard engineering theories, concepts, and techniques and applies a working knowledge of related disciplines. Demonstrates the ability to do material and energy balances for key unit operations in their assigned process area. Works on a limited range of troubleshooting problems; uses basic knowledge of the process to solve problems and recommends corrective action. Ability to coordinate own efforts with the efforts of others. Recognizes priority conflicts and seeks guidance to resolve. Develops effective working relationships with both plant operating personnel and peers. Works with other process engineers and production personnel.  Will have contacts with Maintenance, Accounting, Purchasing, ICD, Suppliers and professional organizations.      QUALIFICATIONS   The successful candidate will possess an engineering degree in chemical, agricultural process engineering or mechanical engineering. While a G.P.A. of 3.0 or better is preferred, strong academic performance in core technical courses is most important.  Other characteristics including leadership skills, on-campus activities, and communication skills are also key factors.  The ability to work in a team environment is necessary. Entry to this position requires a BS Degree in Chemical Engineering or related field. A person should demonstrate the ability to be promoted from this level in 2 to 4 years.  Experience alone will not qualify or disqualify an individual for promotion.   *This role is multi-location with opportunities available at Tate & Lyle plants in Decatur, Illinois, Lafayette, Indiana, Loudon, Tennessee, Dayton, Ohio and McIntosh, Alabama*
Tate & Lyle Decatur, IL, USA