Apr 16, 2019

Research & Development Summer Intern

  • Tate & Lyle
  • Hoffman Estates, IL, USA

Job Description

:  Opportunity to work in the Innovation & Commercial Development team at Tate & Lyle. The intern will work with the teams responsible for research and development of new products in the Texturant Platform.  


Intern Description: The intern will work in the Texturant Platform at Tate & Lyle, supporting senior scientists in developing new food texturizers. The intern will perform laboratory work to prepare and characterize starch related products, and will keep detailed records of the experimental procedures and observations. In this role, the intern will also have opportunities to interact with other functional teams such as analytical, application and sensory. At the conclusion of the project, the work will be summarized and presented verbally to the ICD Team.


Skills and experience: Candidate should have hands-on laboratory experience, preferably working towards BS degree in chemistry, biochemistry, or food science. Candidate must be organized and self-motivated, follow instructions and be able to work well with other scientists. Candidate must have good oral and written communication skills.

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