Dec 21, 2018

Rural moderator

  • Barry Callebaut
  • Abidjan (Vridi) (CIVR), 01, CI, 01 BP 1045

Job Description

Barry Callebaut is the heart and engine of the cocoa and chocolate industry. We are looking for [[Rural moderator]] in [[Côte d'Ivoire]] for [[Countryside]]. Our broad range of products and services span all aspects from cocoa sourcing to fine chocolate products, which are loved by people of all ages worldwide. We are passionate about our business and work hard every day to ensure that there is enough chocolate in the world. Nothing is more important to our success than the combined expertise of more than 9000 Barry Callebaut employees around the world. Our international focus in the fascinating world of cocoa-growing and chocolate are the colorful backdrop for our many functions across a wide range of disciplines. In addition to sharing a passion for chocolate, Barry Callebaut employees live our other corporate values every day - customer focus, entrepreneurship, integrity and team spirit. We are committed to making sure that they have the right skills, know-how and deep understanding of our customers and their needs. Engaging and developing our employees is the key to our success. Because our business focus is so broad, the scope of career opportunities within Barry Callebaut can cover many functional areas.


  • Planification des tournées de formation avec l'unité mobile de formation afin d'atteindre les objectifs (e.g. nombre de personnes formées, nombre de communautés, ...).
  • Préparation des tournées afin d'assurer un bon déroulement. Il s'agit de la prise de contact avec les coopératives, les communautés, les institutions du gouvernement local, la vérification du camion et du matériel
  • Installation du camion et matériel dans chaque localité conforme aux procédures existantes
  • Animation des sessions de formations et gestion des visites médicales
  • Responsable du camion et du matériel
  • Respect du budget, gestion des dépenses et justificatifs liés au camion lors des missions.
  • Elaboration des rapports de missions suivant le format existant

Elaboration des rapports de suivi et évaluation suivant les formats existants.

Our strength comes from the passion and expertise of our people. As we strive to create an environment in which our people can continue to learn and develop their skills on an ongoing basis, it is our goal to encourage entrepreneurship and creativity. Apply for one of our interesting positions today and start a great career in the world of cocoa and chocolate.

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