Dec 04, 2018

Operations Technician

  • Corbion
  • Blair, NE 68008, USA

Job Description

The Operations Technician is responsible for the monitoring and control of all production processes of the department Acid and Derivatives, to ensure that products are manufactured within the required specifications for quantity, quality and time, with due observance of the regulations.

Will work a "3-2-2-3" 12-hour shift including a night shift rotation every other month.

Job description:

  • Monitoring the production processes in the field and from the control room, on the basis of the standard operating procedures, regulations, customer specifications and additional instructions of the supervisor. This includes:
  • The start-up, operation, control, monitoring and regulation of production processes, in the field and from the control room. The measured addition (manually and via control equipment) of raw and auxiliary materials.
  • The exchange of control findings between the technician in the plant and the technician in the control room, and the execution of specified control and operation actions.
  • Taking samples during production for the purpose of in-process determinations, to be carried out personally, or for laboratory analysis.
  • Entering data in the ERP system for accounting purposes. This includes:
  • Creating ‘shop orders’, receiving and issues raw materials, receiving and issuing of (semi) finished goods and rework.
  • Receiving and Creating Bill of Ladings for bulk shipments.
  • Printing labels for finished goods
  • Keeping production facilities in operational condition, in order to achieve minimum loss of productivity and thus creating maximum availability. This includes:
  • Carrying out cleaning activities in the buildings and grounds in accordance with documented procedures and regulations.
  • Entering work orders for Maintenance activities.
  • Helping to train less experienced / new co-workers in the operation of equipment and all of the abovementioned tasks.
  • Registering data and handing over the production processes in a manner that guarantees optimal progress of the process.
  • Executes QESH standards per defined roles and responsibilities to ensure personal and product safety and quality.
  • Performs within the guidelines of all Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP's), Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's), Security measures, Housekeeping, Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point (HACCP), all quality, regulatory, environmental, safety and health guidelines and regulations. These standards are used in all daily activities to ensure product safety and quality are in compliance.


  • High School Diploma or GED


  • Multi-tasking, Computer (Word, Excel, BPCS)
  • Mechanical, Forklift driving
  • Team work
  • Safety hazard identification, Laboratory Skills


  • 3-5 years’ experience in an industrial environment
  • Safety training for process industry
  • Process operator experience or experience with large machinery including diesel engines along with troubleshooting and repairing large machinery.

All offers are contingent upon successful completion of drug, physical and background screening.

Only US residents will be considered.

We will not respond to recruitment agency contact

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