KSY Juice Blends UK

¨WHO are we: We are a vertical juice producer, mainly from citrus fruits and other fruit, which upon buying the raw material - from the market – it produces the final product - through the production units in the group - and ensures the promotion of production - through achieving sales.

¨OPERATING MODEL: As a whole, the group consists of a set of companies that are productive and commercial. KSY as an individual company is a trading company and trades the product produced by the semi-autonomous production units belonging to the group, namely TOW, TOF & TOC and Pure & Natural Holland. Production units, being semi-autonomous, can sell directly the product they produce.

¨INTERGROUP CONNECTION: the group is a vertical organization producing natural juices mainly from citrus - as well as other fruits. The results of all companies are consolidated into the final result of the KSY group and therefore are all responsible for the result of the group.