We provide innovative ingredient solutions to flavour and fragrance houses and consumer goods companies across the globe from our bases in the UK, USA, China and Kenya.

Industry-leading organisations use our ingredients to formulate products that excite consumers every day. It’s very likely that you will have purchased products made using our ingredients (already a secret brand ambassador). We are the silent hero in everything from toothpaste to soft drinks. Offering brands the chance to stand out in increasingly competitive market places; our products provide our customers with a range of opportunities, from reducing sugar in a soft drink to giving a shower gel that natural fresh mint smell.

What we do

Our ingredient solutions are the result of over a century of knowledge and innovation. We have a diverse product portfolio that enables us to meet any customer specification.

With a strong and established background in citrus, our capabilities, expertise and techniques are internationally recognised and valued by those in need of the best quality products at every level.

With everything from 100% natural ingredients made from the named fruit, bespoke blends, price-stable synthetics to impactful aroma chemicals, we manufacture and supply a wide range of exciting solutions to our customers across the globe.