Aromsa A.Ş.

Aromsa A.Ş. from 1982 to present

Aromsa, through continuous investments has, in April 2014, bought it’s head quarters building at Gebze Industrial Zone, in addition to the four existing plants, thus expanding it’s covered area from 24.000 square meters to 37.000 square meters. The company, alongside its operations in Gebze, has acquired a production plant and a R&D Center in Germany in 2009 in order to continue its experiences in Europe.

Aromsa has embarked on the journey for EFMQ Perfection Model on January 19, 2012 in cooperation with KalDer, acquiring a “Competence in Perfection Certificate” the same year.

Aromsa has thus been awarded the 5 Star Certificate at the National Quality Awards ceremony in 2017.

Aromsa, while continuing it’s journey regarding the National Quality Movement, has applied to the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology to become an “R&D Center”, and following inspections, has been certified as an “R&D Center” as of March 25, 2013. All R&D work at Aromsa has been state-registered.

The new department of Aromsa, New Technologies and Investments, was founded in 2005. This department, where projects supported by Tübitak-Teydep are being handled, is responsible for longer term and process oriented R&D work.