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Job Offer Letters Mean More Than You Think...

Job offer letters are a mainstay of the recruitment process, they welcome your future employee to the business. 

After a long recruitment process, the job offer letter might seem like a simple task that takes 2 seconds to complete - wrong. These letters have some essential elements that you need to make sure are right. When you are so close to acquiring your new employee, this is not the time to give any person second thoughts. 

What is a job offer letter?

The job offer letter is a formal offer of employment from a business. It outlines the main role and responsibilities of the candidate within a business. If a candidate can clearly see their role and responsibilities within the company, they are more than likely going to accept the position offered. 

Remember that its not a done deal until the letter has been signed by the candidate and returned to you!

When is the right time to send an offer letter?

Businesses struggle a lot with this area - Yes I know it's surprising. Once a final decision has been made on the candidate that you want to hire, you need to contact them immediately. Do not keep your candidate waiting to receive a job offer cause they will more than likely be thinking at back up options, so they could have other job offers on the table.

Before you send an offer letter to the candidate, make sure you have delivered the offer to them verbally. No candidate should find out they are being offered a job by letter. Once everything has been agreed with the candidate, like start date and salary, send the offer letter in the post. 

In terms of keeping other candidates happy that you have interviewed, make sure that you let them know that the position has been filled. Jobseekers love feedback and hate being left waiting - put these things together and keep your talent pool happy, you never know when you might need to go back to the same pool of candidates. Furthermore, being polite  will help keep your business in the mind of candidates and develop a relationship with them.

Can a job offer letter replace a contract of employment?

A signed letter does give the candidate and employers a level of protection, it doesn't mean it should replace a contract of employment. In some cases it can, but it is always better to draw up a separate contract that clearly shows the complete terms of your working relationship. 

Think of a job offer letter like a short summary of the role, your aim here is to get an acceptance from the candidate. The contract of employment is a longer document that outlines every contractual detail - Don't overwhelm candidates with too much information all at once. 

If your aim from a job offer letter is just to outline the basics of your working relationship, then you might want to consider adding a line that makes it clear that the letter is not intended as a contract. 

We hope these tips help you when you're next hiring! Job offer letters might not mean much to you but we can assure you that they mean a lot more to a candidate so make sure you get it right first time!